Cowboy & Indian  United States / 2016 / 9 mins

In an unlikely encounter in the desert, a cowboy chances upon a young Bengali bride and the two develop a dynamic where both come to realize that things should not be taken at face value.

A young Bengali bride materializes out of the barren, desert landscape and collapses in the all-consuming heat. The bride wakes up in a mysterious cowboy’s bedroom. The cowboy attempts to help her and they discover each other’s names, Kali and Clint. Kali breaks down and Clint comforts her. Miscommunication abounds and the unlikely pair discover things aren’t always what they seem.

Rating: 14 year and over


Thursday, December 14 / 2:45pm

Baha Mar, Theater 1



Sujata Day


Sujata Day


Sujata Day

Principal Cast

Sujata Day, Cameron Fife



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