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Diary Of A Mulatto Bride  USA / 2012 / 9 mins

Coquette Alsten is plagued by memories of a racially turbulent childhood as a result of growing up with a black father and white mother. The recovering bi-racial is unsure about her looming nuptials, with a European whom her interracially married and bi-cultural parents approve of, because she still has feelings for her black fiancee Clark Kennedy. After the honeymoon, Coquette is made rudely aware, by jealous co-workers, that her new French husband may have some unfinished business from his past.


Saturday, December 7 / 6:15pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

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Dave Allen, Juliette Fairley


Juliette Fairley


Katy Bruni

Principal Cast

Alexander Blaise, Franklin Ojeda Smith, Juliette Fairley



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